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Pau Arco, pau arco, AIDS



Pau Arco, pau arco, AIDS



 pau arco, Pau Arco, candida remedy

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Medical experts are now saying... THERE IS A TREATMENT FOR AIDS and more... Read on!

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Pau arco, an all natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal agent, has been shown to be effective against candida & more. At least one company has obtained a U.S. patent based on their research findings of a novel compound extracted from Tabebuia Avellanedae... commonly referred to as pau d'arco.

Professor Walter Accorsi and Dr. Theodoro Meyer, the two modern discoverers of the healing power of Pau Arco, assess the herb to be the bearer of great medicinal powers. Doctors and healing specialists throughout the world now recommend Pau Arco tea for the treatment of many diseases.

Click here for U.S. patent info and a composite list of the various diseases and afflictions medical research articles have mentioned when discussing
Pau D'Arco Tea, pau d' arco, AIDS.


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